Stentering frame insect screen

Product code: 4496
  • For plastic/aluminum windows
  • Max width – 1400 mm
  • Max height – 1600 mm
  • Durable design
  • Extra protection against insects
  • Screen: standard, extra transparent or pet screen
Starting from: 20.04 € / pc *with VAT
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The insect screen frame is designed for PVC or aluminum windows that open inward.
It can be easily and quickly attached to the window and removed without any assistance. Barely visible insect frame when the window is fully open. 

The screen frame is made of an extruded aluminum profile and uses especially durable aluminium corners which are invisible inside the profile.
Addition sealing brush between the screen frame and the window ensure full protection against insects and dust.


Insect screen transparency:

  • Transpatec screen 80% (extra transparent)
  • Standart screen 60%
  • Pet screen 40% (extra durable) 

Enhanced pet screen is scratch-resistant and will protect pet from accidentally falling through the window.


Screen frame colors

White, brown, light brown and anthracite.


Other RAL tones on request.


Measure, order, and install yourself!

 Click here to watch the video tutorial!

  1. Measure the window opening width (W).

  2. Measure the window opening height (H).

  3. Measure the window frame thickness (a) together with the window sealing rubber.

Input sizes, mark the color and choose type of screen in web calculator and complete your purchase.

Placing a screen

 Click here to watch the video tutorial!

  1. Open the window, insert the screen in the window opening from the outside. The green marking has to be at the top.